Who is Dimeli? 

Hello, I am Diego Mendes, a.k.a. Dimeli, an Illustrator and designer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

I graduated in Design from the Universidade Estácio de Sá in 2016. I have a background in print & web design as well as 3D artist, but now most of my work focuses on illustration. Currently I am an independent freelancer but I am open to other proposes.

My work is often dynamic and introspective. I strive to keep then not only visually arresting but also conceptually sound. 

In the moments that I’m not buried under a veritable mountain of work, I like to watch movies, play guitar, skate around take some fotos or just hang out with my friends.

To be sincere I don’t know what more I could say, so if you want to know something else contact me! ;D